The union for Saskatoon Co-op workers since 1979

You work hard. You deserve a union that works just as hard for you.

We are UFCW Canada Local 1400

Since 1979 we have worked to deliver members at Saskatoon Co-op the best when it comes to contracts, benefits, and representation. You can read a copy of the Saskatoon Co-op Union Contract here.

No union in Saskatchewan has more experience than Local 1400 when it comes to the issues facing Saskatoon Co-op workers. UFCW Canada Local 1400 is Saskatchewan's largest private-sector union and part of UFCW Canada — the country's strongest and most progressive union and voice for worker equality and opportunity.

In addition to bargaining industry-leading contracts, UFCW Canada Local 1400 also provides its members the highest level of servicing by a staff of professionally trained representatives who are responsive, proactive, and ready and available to protect your workplace rights.

Local 1400 members at Saskatoon Co-ops also enjoy a number of other benefits including:

  • access to local, national and international scholarship programs;

  • webCampus: A state-of-the-art online learning facility that is free to members and their family, with hundreds of courses to choose from (including college credit courses);

  • labour education, steward training, and know-your-rights classroom courses;

  • a comprehensive network of active and well-trained shop stewards at Co-op locations;

  • Health and Safety training and certification.

You deserve a union that works just as hard as you do. UFCW Canada Local 1400 — the best and most experienced union for Saskatoon Co-op workers.