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UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarships Program

Each year UFCW Canada offers 18 annual  UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarships of $1,000 each to active members and their family members for post-secondary study to honour three past leaders of our union: William Beggs, Fred Dowling, and Roméo Mathieu.

If you are a UFCW Canada member in good standing, and the student is attending full-time studies at a Canadian university, college, or other recognized post-secondary institution then you, your spouse and children are eligible to apply for the union scholarship.

Applying for the UFCW Canada Scholarships is easy. You don’t have to be an A+ student. All it requires is a passion for learning, enrollment at a post-secondary institution, and just a few minutes to complete the online application.

Application deadline for the UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarships is September 30, 2014. Apply online here.

Online applications are currently available in English and French. 

UFCW International Scholarship

The application process for the 2014 UFCW International Scholarship is now also open. UFCW International awards several scholarships of up to $8,000 each to UFCW members or their unmarried dependents to cover post-secondary tuition fees over a period of four years. For 2014, the scholarship application will be available online until June 20th and the International will award one scholarship to a UFCW Canada member.

The scholarships are available to any UFCW member who has been active since February 1, 2013, as well as the unmarried children or dependents of active members. Click here to apply for the UFCW International Scholarship.

Migrant Workers Scholarships Program

UFCW Canada has also expanded the borders of opportunity through an empowering scholarship program for the families of temporary workers. In 2013, the UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarships Program will award 20 scholarships of $500 each for the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, or nephews of migrant workers in Canada.

Children nominated for the scholarships can be of any nationality and do not have to reside in Canada. For more information and to apply online go to www.ufcw.ca/migrantscholarships.

The deadline to apply for the UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarships is December 31, 2013.