Hudak's anti-worker policies strongly rejected by Ontario voters

Hudak's anti-worker policies strongly rejected by Ontario votersToronto – June 13, 2014 – The 2014 Ontario Election is now history and the people of Ontario have spoken. Instead of choosing the backward, anti-worker policies of Tim Hudak and the PCs, the electorate chose to reward Premier Kathleen Wynne with a majority government.

The loss of 10 seats by the Conservatives made clear that voters were not buying Tim Hudak’s million jobs plan, and were frightened by the job losses, low wages, and economic instability that his policies would create. As a result, Hudak has been forced to resign as leader and the Conservatives will be choosing a new figurehead very soon.

Whether the PC party will choose a leader who is considered more "moderate" than Hudak, or another Ultra Conservative who wants to mimic the policies of the federal Harper Conservatives, remains to be seen. But the fact that the party adopted Work For Less proposals as official party policy at their convention last year suggests that the Conservatives probably won't learn the right lessons from their electoral drubbing.

In any case, UFCW Canada hopes that the province's three main parties will now work together to grow our economy, build an Ontario that works for everyone, and create good-paying jobs for all Ontarians.