Ontario election bound to impact working people

Ontario election bound to impact working people

Toronto May 5, 2014 No matter how it turns out, the upcoming Ontario election is bound to impact everyday working people and their families, including more than 100,000 UFCW Canada members and their families across the province.

Depending on how the election goes, workers could find that the labour rights they now take for granted are diminished and Ontario's job growth impacted if there are cutbacks to public services and infrastructure projects. On the other hand, the potential for job growth, strengthening of the social safety net, and expansion of union rights and labour-friendly legislation could also be on the horizon.

Whatever the outcome, the environment and outlook for everyday working Ontarians is undoubtedly going to change because what Ontario voters will face on June 12 are starkly different versions of which way to go as a community. Recent provincial elections in British Columbia and Quebec have also demonstrated that no outcome can be taken for granted, and that those who actually get out and vote can transform the political landscape overnight.

Some people have given up on politics and have concluded all politicians are the same but that is certainly not the case with the parties and their leaders campaigning to form the next Ontario government. As there are more working people on the voters list than anyone, workers are in the best position to elect a government and leader that are truly committed to the issues and challenges facing everyday Ontarians and their families.

On June 12, every vote cast will point Ontario towards a different future. Get involved.