Conservatives demand “transparency” for unions – but not for business buddies

ufcw canada political action blogCalgary – April 26, 2013 – This past week a video was found concerning a Calgary home builder, Cal Wenzel of Shane Homes, bragging about a group of businessmen he got together to raise $1.1 million to elect pro-development city councilors in Calgary.

In the video Wenzel confesses that his business group funneled $1.1 million to the Manning Centre in Calgary, to train Harper-like Conservatives for the municipal election. The intent was that they could elect enough city councilors to control city hall. This business group is accountable to no one but themselves and appears to have violated Calgary’s municipal election laws.

The Manning Centre says there is nothing wrong with this fundraising. UFCW Canada members might ask why business groups are allowed to do this, but under Bill C-377, only unions must account for all financial transactions?  Apparently, unions must be “transparent” but Harper’s business friends can do whatever they want.

The type of behavior displayed by this Calgary business group is not in the public’s best interest. And again shows that corrupt Conservatives and their rich cronies will do anything to get their way. The Manning Centre, Labour Watch, Merit Canada and other business groups pushed hard to impose Bill C-377 on workers and their unions, but these same groups refuse to show Canadians how corporate interest groups spend and receive their money.

It must be asked, why do the Conservatives go on a witch hunt for unions and create a double standard for their friends like the Manning Centre?