Manitoba budget is innovative and progressive

ufcw canada political action blogWinnipeg – April 22, 2013 – The New Democratic Party (NDP) government of Manitoba unveiled its progressive and innovative 2013 budget this past Tuesday. Premier Greg Selinger stated that his government's budget “builds a better Manitoba for today and for the long term, while protecting what matters most to families in an uncertain world.”

Manitoba has faced three major floods in five years at a cost of $1.2 billion to the province. To build better protection against future floods and to improve the infrastructure needed to deal with them, the budget raises the provincial sales tax (PST) by 1 percent.

However, to assist taxpayers the province has several innovative ideas that will offset the PST increase. The NDP government will eliminate the school property tax for senior homeowners; increase the basic personal income tax exemption and spousal and dependent exemptions by $250; exclude child car seats and baby supplies from being subject to the tax; and raise the minimum wage by 20 cents to $10.45.

While other provincial governments have axed government programs that most people need, the Selinger NDP government has found ways to pay for important public services and infrastructure without hurting citizens and their families.