UFCW Canada expresses solidarity with Dutch supermarket workers in their fight for respect

Toronto – February 5, 2021 – The union for grocery and food workers, UFCW Canada, expresses their support of Dutch supermarket workers who are being undermined in negotiations by the Supermarket Employer’s Association.

In a show of contempt for these frontline workers who have been the heroes of the global pandemic, when commenting on the negotiations employers said, “We do not shy away from any challenges.”

FNV has responded with the global call, “Challenge Accepted.” Plans are underway for strike action beginning February 10 and a call for global solidarity has been initiated.

“It is disgraceful that employers undervalue the hard work of frontline grocery workers at a time when the public is so appreciative of everything they do to keep us whole in these hard times,” says UFCW Canada National President Paul Meinema, “Make no mistake about it, the fight of these Dutch supermarket workers is the same fight of frontline grocery workers here: a fight for recognition and respect.”

UNI, the global federation for retail workers is the international voice for these frontline workers and to learn more about their work, click here.

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