My webCampus Experience: Members praise UFCW’s online education program

Toronto – June 26, 2020 – UFCW Canada members across the country are raving about the union's ground-breaking online education program, webCampus, which offers free online courses to all UFCW Canada members, their family members, and community partners.

Many UFCW Canada members and allies take webCampus courses out of personal interest, while others see them as a way to develop their knowledge and professional skills.

Here’s what members are saying about their learning experience with Canada’s leading online education program, webCampus:

Shawna Denney on Advanced Stewarding:

I became a steward because I was constantly looking things up in the collective agreement to gain more knowledge for myself. My co-workers would always ask me questions before I became a steward. I decided to make it "official" so that I could help people at work.


April Rose Del Rosario on Pharmacy Assistant – Part Three:

In these trying times, at first my goal was just to become more productive. I wanted to combat the boredom that COVID-19 has brought us all. I wanted to use my free time to improve and become better. However, learning from this series of courses I got a lot more: I became more informed. I became knowledgeable outside the field that I am used to, and for that I am more than grateful. It made me more equipped and confident to venture outside my comfort zone. I am glad that I can take these courses and attain these things in the comfort of my own home.


Catherine Chan on Understanding Budgets – What’s at Stake:

I watch the news and only understand some of it. The government would announce a budget surplus or a budget deficit. A budget surplus means more revenue for the government to provide services to people. A budget deficit means a loss of revenue and government programs and services will be affected. After taking this course, I am now more aware of how the government develops its budget and how these decisions impact Canadians. With the recent events happening now, I hope the Canadian economy will be able to recover soon.


Tanya Beckett on Garden Design:

After taking this course, I am excited to try vegetable gardening in raised beds. I have only had ornamental gardens so this will be completely new to me. When I started gardening, I only cared about having a pretty garden. Over this winter, and after completing the Gardening Foundations and Garden Design courses, I’m now excited to try growing my own vegetables.


D. Darline Everett on Pharmacy Assistant – Part Three:

I am thankful for the union, of which I am a member, for this opportunity and the chance to learn new skills and knowledge, and to reach a goal that I could not afford to do on my own. Thank you, UFCW!


Lisa Barry on her first time taking webCampus:

I just took my first course and was so impressed that I wanted to write to you about it! I had no idea what to expect, but the quality of the course was fantastic. I have taken hundreds of online courses over the years, and I was really impressed with webCampus! Thank you for all the great work that you do!


Debby Boissonneault on Interior Design & Decorating – Intro to Home Staging:

I really enjoyed taking this course, as it contained lots of helpful information that will help me look at my house differently. There are many things that I would like to update before we go to sell. Also, being able to help to any family or friends with some staging is something I look forward to doing. This course has sparked an interest in a few different areas. Thank you!


Mandeep Kaur on Pharmacy Assistant – Part One:

Thank you for your support! I want to thank all the webCampus instructors for providing me with encouragement throughout this course. I really enjoyed taking it.


Costa Kanell on MS Excel 2010:

This is a great course!


Registration for webCampus is now open. To register for courses, or to find out more about UFCW Canada’s online learning program, visit the webCampus website today.