Politics Blog: Jagmeet Singh and the issues that matter most

Toronto – October 16, 2019 - Prior to being elected leader of the federal NDP in 2017, Jagmeet Singh was an Ontario MPP from 2011 to 2017, as well as deputy leader of the Ontario NDP. He was born in Scarborough, Ontario, the son of immigrant parents, and before entering politics was a practicing lawyer.

Jagmeet’s parents came to Canada to build a better life for their family. They worked hard to make ends meet so that Jagmeet and his siblings could get a good education and pursue their ambitions with confidence. Guided by the values rooted in his own upbringing, Jagmeet is now campaigning for a fairer, more just Canada where everyone can pursue their goals and dreams.

Where does Jagmeet Singh stand on some of the most important priorities for everyday families?

 “Universal pharmacare as part of healthcare is essential when we talk about equality for all Canadians," says the NDP leader, who has pledged and that an NDP government would create a national Pharmacare program to provides universal, publicly funded, comprehensive prescription drug coverage to all individuals and families by 2020.

Jagmeet has committed that an NDP government would ensure pensioners would be at the “front of line” as creditors when companies go bankrupt; pensions and severance would be the first priority for repayment.

The NDP leader and his party have also pledged to expand Canada’s current health care model to include mental health services, hearing coverage, and developing a roadmap to also include universal dental care under the Canada Health Act. As Prime Minister, a Jagmeet Singh NDP government would also invest $1 billion to bring in affordable, cross country, not-for-profit childcare by 2020.

To invest in these programs, an NDP government would close tax loopholes used by the ultra wealthiest in our society; asking Canadians with income over $20 million to help by pay a little more in taxes to fund initiatives that would benefit all Canadians.

This election, let’s work together to strengthen good jobs and the economy, create affordable childcare, help combat climate change, provide pharmacare and dental care for all, and ensure that all workers in Canada can retire with dignity.

It is important to elect a government that cares about the issues that matter most to working Canadians.