S.A.M.E. set to launch first-ever chapter for high-school students

Toronto – January 10, 2013 – The S.A.M.E. will soon make history. On January 17, the Students Against Migrant Exploitation, or The S.A.M.E., will mark the official launch of its very first high-school chapter.

After two years of working with youth on university and college campuses across Canada, The S.A.M.E is on the verge of welcoming a new group of energetic high school students to the movement for migrant worker rights.

Set in the heart of Toronto, The Student School is one of Toronto’s many fascinating alternative options for secondary students. Based on the principles of participatory democracy and social equity, the school is kept alive by the involvement of its students.

S.A.M.E is excited to be launching its chapter at La Revolucion (2848 Dundas St. West) during their “Get Down While You Stand Up” event. Focusing on workers’ issues and the plight of migrants, this event is set to feature artistic and cultural performances, along with guest speakers, who are dedicated to empowering students in becoming active participants in their communities and schools.

To find out more about The S.A.M.E. and its growing network of chapters and activists, go to www.thesame.ca