National Council makes UFCW history with gender equity


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Las Vegas, Nevada – April 26, 2018 – Gender equity is now a reality at the UFCW Canada National Council Executive Board, as the council convened for the first time since a resolution was passed to expand and restructure the union’s governing body.

“This is a great and historic day,” National President Paul Meinema said to the members of the Council, who convened in advance of the UFCW 8th Regular Convention in Las Vegas. “UFCW Canada women activists make up 52 percent of the membership. The activism and wisdom of UFCW Canada sisters is fundamental to our union – and to the National Council.”

The resolution to restructure and expand the council was unanimously passed by delegates to the UFCW Canada National Convention in August 2017. The new women members joining the National Council Executive Board include:

Beatrice Bruske, Local 832; Glacier Effs-Samuel, Local 1006A; Isabelle Roy, Local 501; Jane Dyer, Local 333; Kelly Tosato, Local 175; Kelly Morse, Local 12R24; Kim Novak, Local 1518; Leslie Lavache, Local 500; Louise Fréchette, Local 1991P; Lucy Figueiredo, Local 1400; and Theresa McLaren, Local 401. They join sisters Suzanne Hodge, Local 247; Nasha Brownridge, Local 232; Terry Harris, Local 649; May Chalmers, Local 633; Shauna Doyle, Local 864; and Anouk Collet, UFCW Canada, who were already women members of the Executive Board.

“We welcome our sisters and are grateful for their tremendous contribution to our union and to the council,” says Brother Meinema. “A council with gender equity makes us stronger as a union and as an advocate – not just for women, but for all members and their families.”