#NoMore campaign to end gender-based violence

UFCW Canada launches the #NoMore campaign to help end gender-based violence


UFCW Canada has launched the #NoMore campaign to help eliminate gender-based violence once and for all.

A 2017 study conducted by the federal government found that 60% of workers have experienced harassment, sexual harassment or violence within the last two years at work. Nearly one-third of those surveyed said they had experienced sexual harassment, and over 20% said they had experienced violence.

The study also reported that there is a heightened encounter with gender-based violence for those who work in the public, provide services, personal care, counselling or education; as well as for workers who work alone or in small groups, and people who work late at night.

The goal of the #NoMore campaign is to create awareness about gender-based violence in the workplace by calling out its different forms, such as harassment, sexual harassment, and assault.

Be an ally. Say #NoMore to sexual harassment. Say #NoMore to gender-based violence. Add your strength to the #NoMore campaign through a short and anonymous survey. The anonymous results will be compiled and shared with employers, activists, and politicians to boost their commitment to ending gender-based violence.