By the Numbers: The world's billionaires in 2017

The world's billionaires in 2017Toronto – May 16, 2017 – In 2017, the eight richest men globally are as wealthy as half of the world’s population, demonstrating the unprecedented rise in global wealth inequality in recent years.


The eight wealthiest people in the world are all men. Combined, they possess as much wealth as 3.6 billion people from the poorest half of the world's population.


The total number of billionaires around the world in 2017.


The number of billionaires globally rose by 13 percent from the beginning of 2016 to the start of 2017.

$7.67 trillion

The total net worth of the world’s billionaires increased by a record-setting 18 percent to $7.67 trillion within the last year. 


The number of people who became billionaires within the last year. This is the largest increase in 31 years, since Forbes Magazine first started tracking billionaires globally.


The number of billionaires living in the United States in 2017. China trails behind with 319, while Germany and India are home to 114 and 101 billionaires, respectively.


The average billionaires' fortune jumped by 16 percent last year.


The number of people under the age of 40 with a 10-figure fortune in 2017.

Canadians on the Forbes list include:

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