Keep SaskTel public!

Brad Wall must have had his fingers crossed in 2007 while running to become Premier when he said “Crowns are not going to be privatized.” He lied to us. The Saskatchewan Party government has sold 16 different publicly-held investments since 2008.

Nowadays Brad Wall has his sights set on privatizing SaskTel. SaskTel has provided the citizens of Saskatchewan the best phone service across the province – from urban centres to rural areas – while contributing almost $1.2 billion in profits to the public in the past ten years alone. This is money that helps keep taxes low while providing vital social services.

This revenue shortfall is going to have to be made up elsewhere. When the profits generated by SaskTel end up in the hands of private investors, taxes will certainly need to be raised to pay for the services that Saskatchewan citizens have come to expect and rely on, or services will simply have to be cut.

Privatizing Saskatchewan public assets like SaskTel really isn’t about what’s best for Saskatchewan; it’s what’s best for Brad Wall’s rich investor friends while everyone else pays. It is wrong, and it is detrimental to our economy.

The fight to keep our SaskTel public is about preserving one of our strong public assets, and about keeping good paying jobs in Saskatchewan.

Now more than ever we need to stand together to stop the sale of SaskTel. Send a letter to Premier Brad Wall and the Minister Responsible for SaskTel Joe Hargrave letting them know you want to make it clear that you want SaskTel to remain a Saskatchewan public asset, and that you do not give them or the Saskatchewan party permission to privatize it.

Send a letter


Hon. Brad Wall
Premier of Saskatchewan

Hon. Joe Hargrave
Minister of Crown Investments Corporation (CIC)
Minister Responsible for SaskTel