Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning - April 28, 2020

Why is April 28th a Day of Mourning?

Every year on April 28, people across the country gather to light candles and wear ribbons as they pay their respects and remember the thousands of men and women who have been killed, injured, or suffered illness as a result of work-related incidents. We also honour the families, coworkers, and friends whose lives have been significantly impacted by these tragedies. April 28th was chosen to reflect the anniversary of the day Ontario passed the Workers’ Compensation Act in 1914.

How do unions improve workplace health and safety?

Unions stand up for the health and safety of everyone who works for a living. We work with employers to improve working conditions. Unions work with governments to improve workplace health and safety standards and pass laws to punish employers who put lives at risk for their own gain. We can’t bring back those who have died, but we are working hard to make workplaces safer for today. By working together – with employers, unions, workers, and our health and safety partners, we can work towards every worker returning home at the end of the day safe and sound.

UFCW Canada encourages every worker to make workplace health and safety a personal priority and help spread the word that workers have the right to refuse unsafe work.

On April 28, let us remember those who have been injured or killed on the job, and keep them in our thoughts. Let us honour the memory of those killed or injured on the job, and never forget the importance of our commitment to keep workers safe.

To commemorate the National Day of Mourning, UFCW Canada has developed a Day of Mourning poster available for download in both English and French. See below the article image for different formats.