Help end the abuse of workers at New Zealand meat producer Talley’s/AFFCO

Rangiuru, New Zealand – February 8, 2016 – UFCW Canada is calling on all activists to show their support for workers at Talley’s/AFFCO meat plants in New Zealand, where their safety and labour rights are under attack by their employer.

Talley’s/AFFCO is a serial rights abuser. This employer has a horrific record of workplace accidents. In 2014 alone, 1,286 workers at Talleys/AFFCO were injured on the job. Meanwhile, the company has fired union health and safety representatives for meeting with their members, and in June 2015 locked out 200 workers to force them to drop their collective agreement and accept individual contracts.

Talley’s/AFFCO is trying to destroy collective bargaining and union representation with a lockout, dismissals and intimidation. The New Zealand Employment Court has determined that Talley’s/AFFCO has acted illegally, but the court-ordered mediation process has been blocked by the company's refusal to negotiate with the New Zealand Meat Workers Union (NZMWU).

Take action. Send a message to Talley’s/AFFCO. Tell them to end the lockout, to reinstate the workplace union leaders, and to get back to the table to bargain a collective agreement to guarantee a fair and safe workplace for NZMWU members.