The countdown to a new government

The countdown to a new governmentToronto – October 15, 2015 – Heading into the final days of the election campaign, Canadians can agree that the 2015 election will be one to remember.  It started out with the Harper Conservative scandals and bad economic record, which played well for Tom Mulcair and the NDP initially. But as a result of Harper wedge politics, the conversation changed to religion, fear, and terrorism.  With the change we saw a temporary resurgence of the Conservative party as they aimed to gain votes though fear mongering.

The Conservatives are bent on trying to distract voters from their record. They are hoping voters will forget that they cut $36 billion from our healthcare system, and that 400, 000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector during a decade of Harper government, and that that Harper has the worst economic record of any Prime Minister since World War II.

In the last week, however, the dynamic has changed again. The numbers for the Conservatives have been dropping, while the combined support for the other parties is going up. Beyond the national polls, what it really comes down to seats, and at this point all three major parties are in a close race with each other. This means anything is possible, even this close to Election Day, but one thing is clear – a majority of Canadians are looking for change in government.

With only a few days left, UFCW Canada is asking members and allies to consider which party has put forward the best offer when it comes to jobs and the economy, strengthening health care, expanding your right to retire with dignity, and providing affordable child care for working families.

A better, brighter future is only days away. On October 19, make your vote count.