Two new webCampus courses for October

Toronto – September 14, 2015 – UFCW Canada's groundbreaking online education program, webCampus, is launching two new courses for the month of October.

The free online courses are being offered from October 5 to October 30 and are available to all UFCW Canada members and their families, as well as our community partners.

The new courses are described as follows:

Project Management

Many projects are short-term and require a high degree of teamwork and organization for successful completion. This course introduces participants to the field of project management by providing practical advice and insights. Whether it is a fundraiser or a new product launch, this course outlines the basics of project management in the 21st century.

Fashion Basics: Body Shapes and Dressing Them Best

Before you know what clothes to buy, and which styles look best on you, you'll need to know your body shape. This course helps participants understand the types of clothes that can accentuate good features and minimize less-than-perfect ones so that you can dress in a manner that suits you well. After completing this course, you will be able to find clothes that complement your body shape, scale, proportions, colouring, personality, and lifestyle.

Registration for the webCampus "Project Management" and "Fashion Basics: Body Shapes and Dressing Them Best" courses opens on September 18. To register for these courses, and to find out more about the webCampus program, visit the webCampus website