Four issues to consider in this election

Four issues to consider in this electionToronto – August 31, 2015 – According to recent polls, the Harper Conservatives are suffering as a result of Canada's stumbling economy and the scandalous revelations emerging from the Mike Duffy trial. This has allowed Tom Mulcair and the NDP to strengthen their lead in the election campaign, and the party now has widespread support across the country. This election is shaping up to be a potentially historic moment for Canada.

As the country's leading and most progressive voice for workers, UFCW Canada is asking members and allies to consider four major issues during this election. They include the Economy and Good Jobs, Retirement Security for everyone, a strong Health Care system, and Affordable Child Care for families.

So far the leaders of all three major parties have been touring the country with announcements on each of these issues. If you are just returning from vacation or starting to wind down from summer fun, we urge you to take some time to follow the election. From $15-a-day child care, to investing in our health care system, to expanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), there are a number of proposals that are being put forward to help Canadian workers and their families.

A majority of voters have indicated that they want change in this election, as Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have plunged Canada into a recession and the government has no clear plan to fix our faltering economy. The Harper Government's refusal to increase CPP benefits will leave many seniors in poverty, and the Conservatives' decision to slash $37 billion in health care funding will hurt Canadians for years to come. The Harper team has also shown a complete lack of respect for our veterans. Then there's the Mike Duffy trial, the Senate scandal, and the government's constant attacks on workers and their unions.

With 48 days left until election day, much can happen between now and October 19. However, at this point UFCW Canada is asking members and allies to consider what the major parties are offering when it comes to creating good quality, high-paying jobs, ensuring that workers can retire with dignity and security, strengthening our public health care system, and providing affordable child care for working families.

When candidates knock on your door in this election, ask them where they stand on these issues. And when election day comes, vote for the candidate and party that you believe is on your side. Together, we can build a better Canada for ourselves and our families.