Safety NOW for Alberta Agriculture Workers


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Why is Alberta the only province in Canada that denies health and safety coverage to agriculture workers?

Why does the Redford government continue to stall, while on average there are 20 fatalities at Alberta agriculture operations every year, almost 400 fatalities since 1990, and more than 9,000 hospitalized over the same period?

Why has Premier Redford not acted on her election campaign promise to provide real protection for Alberta agriculture workers?

Premier Redford, keep your promise: Safety NOW for Alberta Agriculture Workers.

"In terms of absolute numbers of fatalities, there is no more dangerous occupation," according to a recent study by the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research. The study also shows the deadly trend has actually accelerated over the last decade.

So, Premier Redford, why do workers in Alberta's most dangerous industry continue to be excluded from the protections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act; from the right to refuse unsafe work, and from coverage under the Workers' Compensation Act if they are injured or killed? 

Why must workers in Alberta agriculture suffer from a system that is wrong, deadly and discriminatory?

Premier Redford, keep your promise:
Safety NOW for Alberta Agriculture Workers.