UFCW Canada supports migrant workers in Guatemala


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UFCW Canada recently strengthened its relationship with Guatemalan migrant workers by signing a cooperation agreement with AGUND (Asociación de Guatemaltecos Unidos por Nuestros Derechos). As Guatemala’s strongest advocate for migrant workers, AGUND – like UFCW Canada – has long been a leading voice in denouncing the substandard living and working conditions of Guatemalan migrant workers in Canada.

UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley attended the signing ceremony in Guatemala City, where AGUND – represented by José Sicajau, president of the Board of Directors – warmly welcomed the union and its unwavering commitment to migrant worker rights.  

The goal of the new agreement between the two leading social justice organizations is to strengthen AGUND’s institutional capacities and to develop a closer collaboration to train workers in Guatemala on issues of human and labour rights. The agreement also prioritizes the need to help Guatemalan migrant workers with services and support once they arrive in Canada. 

While in Guatemala, National President Hanley also met with the PCS (Project Counselling Services) to sign a second agreement that will further strengthen the union’s ability to assist migrant workers in Canada and to assist AGUND in achieving its important mandate.  

UFCW Canada is Canada’s largest private-sector union and in association with the Agriculture Workers Alliance operates ten agriculture worker support centres across Canada.