“Take a Ride With Jack” monument

After inspiring the nation and leading the New Democratic Party of Canada to an historic electoral victory as the Official Opposition, beloved NDP Leader Jack Layton succumbed to cancer on August 22, 2011. However, Jack left us with words of hope, love and optimism.

The Ontario Federation of Labour has been working with Jack’s widow, MP Olivia Chow, to ensure that Jack’s legacy lives on in the hearts of Canadians by erecting a memorial statue in the city that Jack loved and served.

A master sculptor has been hired to create a life-sized bronze statue of Jack sitting on the back seat of a tandem bicycle, with room on the front seat for visitors to have their picture taken “taking a ride with Jack.” The City of Toronto is expected to support this touching memorial by donating land on Toronto’s waterfront for the monument to be erected.

However, this project is expensive and it is being funded by the private donations of individuals and organizations. Funds are desperately needed to commission this tribute and pay for raw materials, lighting, maintenance and upkeep.

Donations can be made online by credit card or PayPal.

Please give generously at http://ofl.ca/index.php/LaytonMemorial/   

This fall, OFL will be hosting a fundraising dinner “Labour’s Tribute to Jack Layton.” The date and location of this impressive event will be announced soon, so keep visiting OFL.ca for details.

Please forward this message to friends, co-workers and community allies and change your Facebook profile picture to the attached image to spread the word.