If you believe labour rights are human rights, “Like” the SAME

The Students Against Migrant Exploitation, or the S.A.M.E., are continuing to spread their message and hundreds are listening, especially in Facebook where the group’s new Page already has over 1,100 Likes.

www.facebook.com/samegroup has been liked by community members, unions, student groups, academics and other Facebook users from around the world. “The ability of youth to use social media to attract attention to an issue is incredible, and the work S.A.M.E. members have put into the Facebook group is commendable,” explains Pablo Godoy, a UFCW Canada national representative who works with S.A.M.E chapters through the Agricultural Workers Alliance (AWA).

The growing popularity of the S.A.M.E. is a testament to the interest in migrant worker issues on campuses across Canada, and campuses that may be home to new chapters soon.

Be on the lookout for S.A.M.E. members on your campus or in the community.

If you are interested in getting involved or starting a chapter, contact the S.A.M.E at [email protected]