Saskatchewan's leading private-sector union blasts Brad Wall Government for trying to gut labour laws

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN – Norm Neault, President of UFCW Canada Local 1400 has delivered the union's response to the Saskatchewan government's consultation paper on proposed changes to labour laws in the province.

"We are filing this response with grave concerns with both the consultation process and the direction the government appears to be heading with their proposed changes," said the Local 1400 leader.

"This is not real and meaningful consultation. Those organizations asked to submit response are weighted heavily in favour of employers. There is no public input, and non-unionized workers, nor the public, have any way of participating in the process. The questions being asked in the paper pose a serious threat to a union's ability to represent its members."

"The government's approach will only create further acrimony between the government, and workers and their unions, and could lead to legal challenges all the way to the Supreme Court," said Neault.

"The government should revisit their process for consulting on changes to labour laws and pursue a model that provides all parties with opportunities to provide meaningful input, in a way that respects the viewpoint of workers, unions, business, the public sector and all the people of Saskatchewan. The consultation should strive for a consensus that avoids creating unnecessary confrontation and the possibility of protracted legal battles," urged Neault.