Manitoba – Canada’s economic leader

With the Harper government’s attack on workers and several provincial premiers pushing for labour law reform that would take away the rights of workers and weaken their unions, it’s ironic that the fastest growing province in terms of prosperity is a province that respects the important role of unions in building an equitable society.

A study conducted by Environics Analytics, focusing on the financial wellbeing of Canadians, found that in terms of household wealth the province of Manitoba is positioned to be the fastest growing in the country – even eclipsing oil rich Alberta which has seen average net worth drop by 7.1 per cent since 2007.

While Harper and other right-wing politicians, such as Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall and Ontario’s Tim Hudak, try to lay blame for faltering economies on workers and unions, it’s interesting to note that Manitoba – led by a NDP government that respects workers rights – is the fastest growing economy in terms of personal wealth.

Harper and others should realize that workers and unions are not to blame for the country’s economic woes but rather it’s the Conservative agenda and the Prime Minister’s economic mismanagement.  They should follow the lead of Manitoba’s NDP government: a government committed to building a province of equality, justice and opportunity.