New video exposes Harper’s “Reckless Agenda”

Since first being elected in 2006, Stephen Harper's Conservative Government has portrayed itself as being fiscally prudent, but the Harperites are actually incompetent economic managers.

In 2008, when the rest of the world realized that we were experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression, Stephen Harper said "this country will not go into recession next year and (we) will lead the G7 countries (in economic growth)." Shortly after this statement, the Conservatives racked up the largest deficit in Canadian history and Canada was plunged into a recession.

In 2012, Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty credit themselves for strengthening Canada’s economy as they continue to give away tax breaks to large corporations and recklessly overspend on fighter jets and building new prisons. The Conservatives then preach austerity to Canadians, claiming that we need to cut seniors' pension plans and punish workers who have been forced onto EI because of the Harper government's economic policies. The Harperites are now leading us into another economic downturn and working Canadians will bear the brunt of this mismanagement.

Canada’s New Democrats have launched a social media campaign to set the record straight on Stephen Harper and his government's economic incompetence. Please share this video with friends, family, and social media contacts.