Over 10,000 activists gather in Ontario to demand budget fairness


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A large group of UFCW Canada activists joined over 10,000 workers and their families at the Ontario legislature on Saturday, April 21, to demand budget fairness in response to the provincial government’s decision to impose deep cuts on a large number of public services and programs.

Rallying under the banner, “WE ARE ONTARIO,” the mass protest called on the Ontario government to protect the jobs and services that millions of Ontarians rely on by rolling back corporate tax cuts and taking a more fair and balanced approach to the provincial budget.

More than 90 community and labour organizations, representing millions from diverse communities in nearly 30 towns and cities, protested the budget cuts that will hit the poor the hardest, but which also hurt nearly every Ontario family.

Once gathered, the massive crowd of workers, students, pro-labour politicians, and Occupy activists sent a very strong message to the government by marching through Ontario’s most expensive shopping district, Yorkville, in downtown Toronto.