Get the Union Advantage

Get the Union Advantage!

By joining the union and becoming a UFCW Canada member, you will have the power to make your employer negotiate a collective agreement that ensures you get good pay, better benefits and respect on the job. The reason owners and bosses often speak badly about unions is because they don’t want to give up power and control to You – the workers - the people who make the company so successful in the first place. By exercising your right to join the union, you are taking control of your wages and working conditions and making sure you and your co-workers are treated with dignity and respect.

These are just some of the advantages of a typical UFCW Canada collective agreement including:

Union Advantage With UFCW Canada
Better working conditions
Better bargaining power and pay. Negotiated wages and raises spelled out in the contract - no favouritism
Free access to online training & education for you and your family
Better prescription drug, dental and vision coverage
Scholarships for you and your family
More paid vacation and paid sick days
A dispute procedure to legally protect you against unfair discipline or dismissal
Protection against management harassment
Better pension benefits
Seniority rights when it comes to scheduling, vacation and job security
Group discounts on home & life insurance, travel, car rental, legal services, cell phones
Respect at the workplace

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