Human Rights, Equity and Diversity (HRED) at UFCW Canada

UFCW Canada fully endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and affirms the milestone document’s preamble: Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Worker rights are an extension of basic human rights and our work is guided by this internationally recognized principle. 

At UFCW Canada human rights, equity and diversity is about empowering by creating space. It’s about valuing diverse viewpoints and actions. It’s about having member-led actions that provides for strong workplace representation, leadership and activism that calls in, instead of pushing out important voices.  UFCW Canada’s work is feminist and intersectional. In taking this approach, we recognize that oppression works to undermine workers across the lines of gender, race, class, Indigeneity and sexual orientation.     

Who benefits from an effective HRED Lens?

UFCW Canada members are the primary beneficiaries of a diverse, dynamic and inclusive union that is guided by equity principles. Pursuing an agenda that prioritizes the voices of equity-seeking members is the main goal of the HRED department. Through this work we honour the diversity of our membership, challenge systems of oppression and provide the space to celebrate our victories. UFCW Canada’s Indigenous Peoples Conference is convened in this spirit of celebration and dialogue. 

In addition to our mandate of empowering equity-seeking members, the HRED department works closely with UFCW Canada’s training and education department to deliver cutting-edge courses related to Human Rights through our award-winning webCampus platform.

What is the Mandate for HRED at UFCW Canada?

Advancing an agenda that promotes human rights, equity and diversity means incorporating the distinct needs of each equity-seeking group into our union’s structure and mission. From assembling national committees that inform HRED’s mandate, to building partnerships and alliances across like-minded organizations, the work of human rights, equity and diversity at UFCW Canada takes time and resources. Our national alliance with Egale is a testament to the important work that fosters partnership and inclusion.

To execute on our equity-focused and member-driven mandate, UFCW Canada staff and leadership work closely with UFCW Canada’s National Council to set priorities, build bridges with partner organizations and mobilize people, time and resources. The HRED committee and Indigenous Sub-Committee are shining examples of our member-driven focus on programming and priority-setting.    

How Can I support HRED at UFCW Canada?

In our union, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that member engagement is in line with accessible programming. From joining us at rallies and demonstrations to sending messages of support for the many causes we advocate on behalf of, making a difference can be done in various meaningful ways. Actions that promote Disability Rights Awareness, combatting Islamophobia and Racial Bias in the workplace are uniquely designed for activists who want to take action and realize change.

Get Involved

Stay connected with our events and activities by following UFCW Canada on all social media platforms.  With the resources provided by the HRED department, push to include diverse voices in your workplace and beyond. If you are not a member of UFCW Canada but believe firmly that human rights include the right to decent work, then take the step to join our union!