UFCW Canada Political Action: Building a Better Life for Workers

UFCW Canada believes that political action is essential to achieving a better life for workers and their families. Our union takes politics seriously because the decisions made by political parties and elected officials impact UFCW Canada members in their workplaces, homes, and communities.

Through a number of initiatives, the UFCW Canada National Office provides member-activists and their Local Unions with the tools and resources needed to support and elect political leaders who understand the issues that affect UFCW Canada members and their families.

From health care, to pensions, to daycare, to affordable housing, to taxes, to workplace rights and more: UFCW Canada political action means advancing a strong voice for positive change and a better future for working people.

Guided by the UFCW Canada National Council Political Action Committee, the union's political action efforts are fully committed to providing election and lobbying training, mobilizing UFCW members to advocate on issues affecting working people, and building a network of engaged activists who are committed to making a difference at every level of government.

In addition to these initiatives, UFCW Canada publishes the Politics NOW! newsletter and Politics Blog, both of which keep members informed about public policies and political developments that affect working Canadians.

Our union also provides comprehensive news coverage of members' involvement in political action, highlighting everything from members’ efforts to defeat anti-worker legislation, to our union's advocacy for universal pharmacare, to UFCW activists’ meetings with elected officials at all levels of government.

As well, UFCW Canada engages in several campaigns aimed at advancing workers’ rights and ensuring that working families can enjoy a better quality of life. These initiatives include our union's efforts to save the supply management system and reform our voting system, among others.

Finally, UFCW publishes a wide range of resources that help members engage in political issues and learn more about the political process in Canada, such as our Political Action webCampusPLUS courses, the UFCW Canada guide for lobbying elected officials, and our Election Watch database.

What is political action?

Political action is a series of coordinated activities, carried out by workers and their unions, that utilize political power and participation in political channels – including elections, lobbying, and party politics – to achieve a specific policy or electoral outcome. Examples include meeting with elected officials to advocate for better health and safety laws, or working to elect a progressive government that respects workers’ rights.

Why do unions participate in politics?

Unions engage in politics and political action because the decisions made by political parties and elected officials affect workers and their families in all aspects of life. As well, unions recognize that achieving a better life for members involves more than just negotiating strong collective agreements in the workplace – it also requires engaging in the political process to ensure that we have high quality public services, pensions that allow us to retire with dignity, and laws that protect our rights, health, and safety on the job.

What does political action mean to UFCW Canada?

UFCW Canada has a long and proud history of supporting political parties and candidates that stand up for workers and their families. Whether through lobbying elected officials, building community coalitions, providing activist training opportunities, or engaging in election campaigns, our union constantly participates in political action to advance legislation that supports working families and ensure that workers’ rights are respected. Our union also believes that political action not only benefits union members and their families, but also non-unionized workers who do not enjoy the protections of a collective agreement.

How can I get involved?

There are numerous ways that you can help ensure workers’ rights are strengthened and protected at the government level.

Become an Informed Voter

Before supporting a candidate or political party in a municipal, provincial, or federal election, read the candidate or party’s literature or platform, and ask yourself these questions:

Share your findings with your friends, family members, and co-workers, and encourage them to support candidates who respect the rights of workers and are committed to helping working families get ahead.

Join a Union

The best way to get involved in the labour movement’s political action initiatives is by joining a union. Don't waste any more time - gain the union advantage and bring a strong voice to your workplace. Join the union today.

Take Action

You can help close the gender wage gap, end discrimination against First Nations children, save supply management, and work towards a better voting system by supporting UFCW Canada’s political action campaigns on these issues. Take action now!