National President Paul R. Meinema

Paul Meinema
National President, UFCW Canada

Executive Vice President, UFCW International Union

Phone: 416-675-1104

Twitter: @PaulMeinemaUFCW

Across our great country, in workplaces big and small, the United Food and Commercial Workers is Canada's leading and most progressive union. Since the beginning, the UFCW family has been a powerful force in building fairness in our workplaces and community. It is a heritage that continues to provide a better today and tomorrow for UFCW Canada members, their families and their communities.

Together we are 250,000 hard-working people strong. We are Canada’s 21st century union. We are making a difference. We are growing. And we are proud to be a leading force.

While the world of work has changed tremendously over the last generation, the resolve of UFCW Canada members and their union is stronger than ever – to provide workplace justice, equality, safety and opportunity.

In our neighbourhoods, from coast to coast, UFCW Canada is a leading voice in addressing the important issues that workers and their families in Canada face every day. The lives of millions of our neighbours have been touched by the tremendous community and fundraising work that UFCW Canada members and their Local Unions commit to throughout the year.

UFCW Canada's roots reach back more than a hundred years. From the beginning, activism at work and in the community has been the heart of our great union. Just as then, that commitment is needed to preserve our gains and to push back the attack on the human and labour rights of working people. As Canada's most innovative union we are leading the effort for greater fairness, and thanks to the strength of UFCW Canada members, activists and their Local Unions, we are creating better workplaces and building stronger communities.

Together, as Canada's leading force of workers, we continue united to build fairness and equality in our workplaces, communities, and Canadian society.


In solidarity,

Paul R. Meinema
National President

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