From the harvest to the dinner table, from the oceans and forests to the urban core, UFCW Canada members work in such a wide range of sectors and workplaces they are always nearby. Wherever people work in retail, manufacturing or service, UFCW Canada members can be found.

The following is a list of some of the sectors in which UFCW Canada members work:


Breweries and Soft Drinks
Cereal and Flour Mills
Clothing Manufacturing
Department Stores
Drug Stores
Food Processing
Funeral Services
Health Care Services
Restaurant and Food Services
Nursing and Retirement Homes
Plastic Fabrication
Printing and Lithography
Security Service
Telephone Call Centres
Warehouse and Distribution


National and Local Structure

With UFCW Canada's large and diverse membership spread across the country, many levels of administrative service along with democratically balanced boards and councils with a high percentage of rank-and-file membership participation to service the membership is required.

In any diagram of UFCW Canada's national structure the members are uppermost - the ultimate decision making power of our union rests with the membership. Each member belongs to a Local Union, which is part of our national organization. Local unions may also belong to intermediate chartered bodies such as a provincial or industrial council and every local in Canada belongs to our National Council.

The officers of the local unions are elected by the members to run the affairs of the local and to provide members with the services and benefits to which they may be entitled.

The President of a local union is its Chief Executive Officer; in addition, there is a Secretary-Treasurer, a Recorder, and three or more Vice-Presidents. In some Locals, the President and other officers may be rank-and-file members; while in others the jobs are full-time, salaried positions.

UFCW Canada local unions vary greatly in size. A single-workplace Local might have as few as six members, whereas the largest UFCW local union, Local 175/633 has more than 45,000 members and a province –wide jurisdiction encompassing hundreds of workplaces.

Most larger local unions in UFCW Canada have their own full-time union representatives as well as administrative staff, while many smaller locals obtain service through an industrial council, a servicing agreement with a larger local, or directly from the National Office staff of the union.

The National Council of UFCW Canada provides an added voice for political action in Canada, as well as additional services uniquely designed for Canadian members. The Council holds a constitutional convention every three years, which elects a President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder, and 23 Vice-Presidents (the Executive Board) as well as 26 Council members.

The Council has a number of Advisory committees and also elects the Canadian Vice-Presidents and the UFCW Canada National President.