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Toronto – October 26, 2013 – Join thousands of others and get your own copy of 100 YEARS OF SOLIDARITY. This CD compilation of labour songs is written and performed by a new generation of Canadian artists and labour activists. Produced by UFCW Canada, this energizing uptake on classic as well as new labour songs has been downloaded and enjoyed by thousands of activists and music lovers across Canada and around the globe since it was launched in August.

Each of the artists who contributed to 100 YEARS OF SOLIDARITY has strong roots in social justice issues and the fight for workers' rights. Award-winning artists and contributors include Adam Bomb, SPIN El Poeta, Ruben Beny Esguerra, Manuela Astudilio, Scandalis Tony Ranks, The Real Sun, Savilion, and Pablo Godoy.

The contributors to this new smash hit will also be performing all of the 100 YEARS OF SOLIDARITY tracks live at the upcoming Ontario Federation of Labour convention in Toronto.


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Solidarity Forever

We Shall Not Be Moved

My Accent

I'm Working On A Farm

Que Se Acabe

Walk Away


My People

Solidarity Forever - Remix