By the Numbers: Youth unemployment and underemployment in Canada, around the world

Toronto – August 17, 2013 – The global youth unemployment rate, estimated at 12.6% or 73 million in 2013, has reached an alarming level. Secure, full-time, good jobs – once a norm for previous generations – are much less accessible to today’s youth.

The economic and social costs of unemployment and the prevalence of low-quality jobs for young people continue to rise and undermine the growth potential of economies around the world. In developing countries, the unprecedented levels of youth unemployment and underemployment have become a serious hindrance to development.

Youth Underemployment

In Canada

22% of teens and 14 % of youth aged 20 to 24 (non-students) are only working part-time. 70% of these youth are working part-time involuntary – meaning they want to work full-time.

Youth unemployment affects developed and developing countries alike. Across the globe, youth employment and job creation should become a national priority for all governments.  

Sources: World Economic Forum; Statistics Canada study – “Unemployment Dynamics Among Canada’s Youth