More scandals, less credibility for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals

Vancouver – March 11, 2013 – The most recent scandal to besiege BC Premier Christy Clark and her Liberal government reveals how desperate they are to cling to power as they spiral toward defeat in the upcoming provincial election on May 14.  The latest scandal by the BC Liberals also shows how morally and ethically bankrupt they are as a government and a political party.

The scandal involving Government Boss Clark involves a leaked outreach plan to woo ethnic voters that condones the use of public money by the Liberals to spread their partisan message in the lead up to the May 14 election. The plan also pushed for an election team to target ethnic groups and create ethnic lists.

BC Premier Clark has issued a half-hearted apology on the matter and tried to defend her government by saying that it appears “no government money has been spent on this.” But it is now known that the Ministry for Multiculturalism hired four outreach consultants – who just happen to be Liberal party operatives – through the outreach plan under investigation to organize events in various ethnic communities at a cost of $25,000 each.  This would clearly indicate that government money, or rather taxpayer money, was spent on the plan.

It seems the Clark government has bottomed out with a win at all costs approach – even if it means the improper use of taxpayers’ money, for the benefit of the BC Liberal Party and its leader. 

British Columbia voters are indignant and they have a right to be. This latest gaffe, using taxpayers’ money to benefit the Liberal party, shows that Premier Clark and the Liberals are only interested in serving their interests and not the needs of BC’s working families.

Voters and working families in BC need a premier who will fight for good jobs, employee rights, greater health and safety standards, and introduce measures to keep more British Columbians above the poverty line.

They also need a leader who will put pressure on the federal government for pension protection and the expansion of the Canadian Pension Plan, and look to the future by introducing youth programs that build youth leadership opportunities.