Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Occupational Health and SafetyWorkers and their families expect that they will be safe while at work, and UFCW Canada strongly values that every single worker deserves to arrive home at the end of their workday – safe and healthy.

UFCW Canada members have the power to speak up when it comes to Health and Safety without fear of losing their jobs. Educated workers who know their rights possess the knowledge to positively influence not only their own, but also their coworkers’ lives for the better. Educated workers also have a positive impact on the employer by helping reduce health care costs and expensive litigation. Visit our webCampus for more information on our health and safety courses.

Often management is powerless to implement changes required in the workplace for fear of losing their own jobs. Educated UFCW members will use all available tools including the law to ensure their Health and Safety rights are adhered to.

Workers in Canada enjoy three fundamental health and safety rights under the Canada Labour Code:

  1. The Right to Know;
  2. The Right to Participate;
  3. The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work. 

The UFCW Canada Workplace Rights Committee initiates planning for the development of practical frontline tools that are available to UFCW Canada local unions to help create safer, fairer workplaces. The national Workplace Rights Committee, made up of UFCW Canada Local Union members from across Canada, is responsible for ensuring that Health and Safety rights of our members are met.

UFCW Canada is on the forefront of creating safer environments for workers across Canada, and we are proud to provide FREE Health and Safety training courses through our online webCampus that is truly in a class of its own. These courses will provide you with the resources needed to be able to raise concerns in your workplace before anyone gets hurt.

There are many reasons why workers are interested in Health and Safety, and for each reason webCampus has a wide selection of courses to consider. For more information, click on one of the webCampus icons below for a sample of a few of our FREE online courses.

UFCW Canada National Education and Training also produces a number of timely facts sheets and alerts to help members and their families stay healthy and safe at home and in the community.