Politics Blog: O’Toole’s brand of conservatism not gaining traction among workers

Ottawa – January 21, 2021 – After winning the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole has tried to present his brand of conservatism in a softer, kinder light. He even gave a speech on Labour Day 2020 trying to present himself, and the Conservative Party of Canada, as friends of workers. But according to latest polls he has failed to gain any traction as his approval ratings continue to plummet amongst working-class voters.

This is a result of his party’s failure to distance themselves from the extremist elements in today’s conservative movement while neglecting to make the tough decisions that put people first throughout this pandemic.

The fact remains, O’Tooleis not a friend of labour, nor is the Conservative Party of Canada. They are but remnants of the Harper era and remain committed to that style of anti-union crusading.

Let’s not forget that O’Toole voted in favour of anti-worker Bill’s like C-525 and C-377, which legislated postal workers back to work afterthey were locked out by Canada Post and even supported Air Canada when they denied worker’s the right to strike.

Not a far cry from the conservative premiers of today who have attacked the rights of workers like Jason Kenney in Alberta and Doug Ford in Ontario. Despite the crippling economic effects of the pandemic, they have refused to implement paid sick days and make the necessary investments required to protect seniors living in long-term care.

Meanwhile, O’Toole has tried to present himself as a kinder, softer conservative but his actions, and those of his conservative colleagues, reveal a movement that is willing to engage white supremacists, most recently accepting donations from far-right groups.

Using language like disgraced US President Donald Trump, conservatives have tried to raise money by making irresponsible claims of election rigging and his leadership slogan, “Take Back Canada” is a tired play on the now defunct “Make America Great Again” appeal.  

Can you imagine electing Donald Trump and thinking things are going to end well? Now substitute Kenney, Ford or O’Toole into that sentence and we know from past and present actions, things will not end well for Canadian workers.