UFCW Canada extends warm wishes to President Joseph R. Biden on Inauguration Day

Toronto – January 20, 2021 – On this historic day of change, where democracy triumphs division, our neighbours to the South have chosen a man of outstanding moral integrity and sound working class principles.

President Biden has inherited a deeply divided country, but our labour roots remind us of the power we hold when united. This has been the call all along: united in the workplace, united in the community. We are confident that our neighbours will pull through this dark time and emerge more resilient than ever.

On this day we say good riddance to hatred, racism, and all that has fueled distrust in our public institutions. We bury alternative facts and stand for truth, decency, and respect.

The work has just begun to restore the damage done, and years lost on the path to racial and gender equality. This is why I want to pay special homage on the day to Vice-President Kamala Harris, an African American woman of South Asian descent who now occupies the highest office in the world.

Today we celebrate, reflect, and prepare for the important work that lies ahead.

In solidarity,

Paul R. Meinema
National President
UFCW Canada