Ford government refuses to implement paid sick leave as pandemic intensifies

Toronto – January 14, 2021 – Doug Ford’s conservative government continues to ignore the advice of the province’s top medical experts by choosing not to green-light potentially lifesaving paid sick leave for Ontarians.

As the province moves into a second state of emergency that includes a stay-at-home order, critical workers’ who continue to battle the pandemic on the frontlines, are left without essential protections.

“Paid sick days ensure workers are not choosing between their health and putting food on the table,” says National President Paul Meinema, “it is an important tool in stopping the spread of Covid-19 by removing uncertainty and encouraging those to stay home if they feel ill.”

UFCW Canada supports NDP MPP for London-West, Peggy Sattler’s Private Members Bill, “Stay Home If You Are Sick Act” and encourages all parties to work together in making it the law.