UFCW Global Solidarity: Tell Coca-Cola to respect workers’ rights

Attention all UFCW Canada activists and allies: your urgent support is needed to help stop the union-busting tactics of global beverage giant Coca-Cola, who is trying to prevent workers in the U.S., Ireland, Haiti, and Indonesia from expressing their democratic rights to join and participate in a union.


In the United States, the company spent more than $330,000 USD to hire a union-busting consulting firm to persuade workers at its Greenfield, Massachusetts bottling plant not to join the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU), a division of the UFCW International Union.

In Ireland, Coca-Cola closed two of its concentrate plants, both of which were strongly unionized, and shifted production to the remaining plant in Ballina, where it refuses to engage in bargaining with the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU).

In Haiti, the company’s contracted bottler, La Brasserie de la Couronne, continues to systematically deny workers their right to form and be represented by a union.

And in Indonesia, Coca-Cola bottler Amatil is sustaining its long-running attack on the rights of independent, democratic trade unions that are trying to represent beverage workers.

In response, UFCW Canada, together with the IUF and the international labour movement, is calling on Coca-Cola to stop its ongoing human rights violations and immediately act to remedy them.

You can show your support for Coca-Cola workers and the fight for human rights at the company by sending a message to Coca-Cola CEO and Chairman James Quincey, expressing your outrage over the beverage giant’s mistreatment of workers and their unions.

ACT NOW! Send a letter calling on Coca-Cola to respect workers’ rights at its bottling and concentrate plants. Send your message today!

About UFCW Canada’s Global Solidarity efforts

As a member of the IUF and UNI Global Union, and a proud affiliate of the UFCW International Union, UFCW Canada is fully committed to supporting global solidarity efforts that advance human rights. To learn more about UFCW Canada’s international solidarity campaigns, visit our union’s Global Solidarity website.