UFCW 1006A members at Loblaws and Superstore vote to accept amendments to union contract

Vaughan, Ont. – November 6, 2019 – UFCW Local 1006A members working at Loblaw Great Food and Real Canadian Superstore locations across Ontario have voted to accept amendments to their union contract.

“Improving and protecting members’ rights is our highest priority,” says UFCW 1006A President Wayne Hanley. “The union fought hard at the negotiating table for these amendments, and our goal, as always, is to help make life better through wage increases and job security for members. That is what we have achieved with the proposed amendments – there are only gains and improvements for the membership, and no concessions.”

The new contract will see significant wage increases, full-time job assurance for all full-time workers, a shorter time frame for current and future part-time workers to reach the top wage rate, and a procedure for part-time employees who want more hours to have more opportunities to work additional hours. It will also achieve what the Local Union set out to do with minimum wage arbitration. The new agreement will run until June 2024.

Since January 2018, Local 1006A has been defending members’ rights in a minimum wage arbitration case involving Loblaws Great Food and Superstore. In the time the Local has been waiting for the arbitrator’s ruling, the union began an informal discussion with the company, which turned into more meaningful talks to find a resolve to the minimum wage arbitration. The Local utilized its strength at arbitration to provide part-time and full-time members with improvements to the union contract.

“There were several meetings between the 1006A leadership and senior officials of the company and tough negotiations on many issues including the minimum wage,” says Hanley. “We walked away from the table more than once. We worked through and reached an agreement which would see a positive resolve to the arbitration, and positive gains that will make a difference for the membership.”

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UFCW Canada Local 1006A represents 36,000 members in a wide range of sectors across Ontario, including the grocery retail, food processing, hospitality, laundry, warehousing, transportation, and eye care industries. To learn more about UFCW 1006A, visit their website.

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