UFCW activists stand up for workers’ rights at Labour Day events across Canada


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Toronto – September 3, 2019 – UFCW activists were a leading force at Labour Day events across the country this past weekend, gathering with family members and community allies at a number of marches, picnics, and parades to honour the achievements of workers, celebrate Canada’s labour movement, and demand a better life for working Canadians.

In Ontario, UFCW Canada activists led the way at the country’s largest Labour Day parades in Toronto and Hamilton, while also participating in events in Ottawa, Kingston, London, Windsor, and other municipalities throughout the province.

In Western and Atlantic Canada, activists and family members marked the celebration at various community events, including several Labour Day parades, picnics, and gatherings.

The upcoming federal election was a popular topic of discussion at many of this year’s Labour Day events, as Canadian voters assess which party will best represent the interests of workers heading into election day on October 21.

"Labour Day is an opportune time to not only reflect on the past accomplishments of working people and their unions – which include public health care, a shorter work week, and health and safety protections, among many other advancements – but also to look toward the future,” says UFCW Canada National President Paul Meinema.

“As we approach this year’s federal election, we as trade unionists must call on our political leaders to do better by making life more affordable for workers and their families,” the UFCW leader adds. “That will involve reducing prescription drug costs, providing affordable child care to families who need it, and making dental care part of our universal health care system – so that working Canadians can finally get ahead.”