Affordable Child Care for All

Add your voice to the call for a national strategy to make high quality, publicly funded, and affordable child care available for every family who wants it. With a federal election around the corner, it is time for all federal parties and candidates to pledge their support for quality, affordable child care for all.

As child care costs rise across the country, action on a national child care strategy is urgently needed. Right now, millions of parents can’t find good quality, affordable child care. This lack of access causes economic hardship and keeps mothers out of the paid labour force, adding to economic inequality and insecurity.

Parents and children need action now. Access to good child care options gives parents and caregivers the flexibility to find good jobs, pursue an education, and build a better life for their families. For children, good quality child care provides a safe and nurturing environment to build the foundation for life-long learning.

Send a letter to all federal party leaders urging them to support the Child Care Now coalition’s Affordable Child Care for All Plan, so that families can have access to affordable, high quality child care that includes all children.

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