Why UFCW Canada is the best union for Uber drivers?

UFCW Canada is the country's most innovative organization dedicated to building fairness in workplaces and communities. That’s why thousands and thousands of workers across Canada have chosen to join the strongest union in the country – UFCW Canada – and to gain the protection of a strong union contract, good wages, employer-paid benefits and fair treatment at work.

UFCW Canada represents more than 250,000 union members across the country working in the food, retail, transportation, health, logistics, warehousing, hospitality, food processing, manufacturing, security and professional sectors.

UFCW Canada members are your neighbours who work at your local grocery stores, hotels, airport food courts, taxi firms, car rental agencies, nursing homes, restaurants, food processing plants and thousands of other locations across the country.

We have succeeded in making jobs in the service and retail sectors pay a fair wage so workers can provide for themselves and their families. Our union contracts provide our members with benefits unheard of in non-union workplaces. These benefits include grievance procedures to ensure no one is fired or disciplined unfairly, guaranteed wage increases, dental, drug and eye care benefits, and employer-paid pension plans.