UFCW calls on activists to help bring justice to Uber drivers

UFCW Canada is calling on all activists and allies to join the campaign to bring justice to Uber Canada drivers who are fighting for their health, safety, labour and union rights.

This is not a boycott. We are simply asking Uber to be better. Uber drivers across Canada are asking the general public for their support in making Uber a better company to work for.

Under the guise of technological innovation, Uber has relinquished any responsibility to its drivers, who as a direct result find themselves risking their health, safety and basic human dignity. Join the campaign to support Uber drivers in their fight for justice, labour rights, safety and fair pay.

Take Action!

  • Support UBER Drivers across Canada is by using the hashtag #unfareuber and voice your concerns.

  • SIGN THE PETITION which calls on Uber to respect its drivers’ rights by recognizing basic employment, safety and labour standards, and the right to join a union.


Respect the Health, Safety and Labour Rights of Uber Canada Drivers

We call on Uber Canada take action to end the wretched and unjust working conditions under which Uber drivers are employed. We demand Uber do better to ensure the health, safety and labour rights of Uber Canada drivers. This includes the hundreds of Uber drivers who are UFCW Canada union members and are concerned that your company has not sufficiently addressed or responded to a number of issues they have raised regarding the terms and conditions of their employment.

We call on Uber Canada to respect provincial and federal labour laws; to stop the arbitrary deactivation of Uber drivers who raise concerns; to recognize the right of Uber Canada drivers to union representation and for Uber to meet with their union; and to fix an unfair user-generated ratings system that currently penalizes Uber drivers who refuse to ignore safety and traffic laws.

Uber Canada must respect the law, due process and the protection of fundamental rights such as basic employment, health and safety, and labour rights; including the right to join a union. We respect innovation but not at the cost of exploitation, which is why we support Uber Canada drivers in in their fight for fairness.