Uber Issues


Many Uber drivers have raised various concerns with Uber about health and safety, wages, harassment at work and feel as though their concerns and well-being are being ignored.


Uber drivers often spend over 100 hours a week in the queue waiting for work. This means that many drivers are being paid well below minimum wage for their hours of work. We are asking Uber to respect minimum wage laws in each province.

Health & Safety

Many Uber drivers face harassment and abuse from customers. With little to no recourse for support, Uber drivers feel that they are at risk at work. If and when they are injured at work, they have no access to workers compensation and are left without a source of income.

Unfair Rating Systems

Uber drivers are subject to deactivation if their ratings drop below a certain threshold. Unfortunately, deactivation often occurs without investigation. As a result, the rating system penalizes Uber drivers for refusing customer demands to ignore traffic rules or city by-laws. The reality is that these unreasonable client ratings and complaints can force an Uber driver out of work and a permanent loss of income.

Staging and Airport Queue

Uber drivers are subject to staging in a designated zone at airports across Canada. Many of these zones are not equipped with washroom facilities. If a driver leaves the designated zone they are subject to losing their position in the queue resulting in time worked without pay.

Lack of Benefits or a Pension

Increasingly, people have turned to the sharing economy in search of work and income. While Uber itself is a multi-billion dollar company, Uber essentially offers no benefits, vacation pay, overtime, or pension protection for its drivers.