By the Numbers: Meat production and consumption in Canada

Toronto – November 9, 2018 – Food processing, including meat production, is Canada’s largest manufacturing industry. Total annual revenue from Canadian meat production and processing (primarily including beef, pork and chicken) was over $28 billion in 2016. On average, Canadian households spend over $1,100 a year on fresh and processed meats.

$28.13 billion

Total revenue of Canada's meat manufacturing industry

2.13 million metric tonnes (mt)

Annual pork production

1.17 million mt

Annual beef production

1.15 million mt

Annual poultry meat production

$4 billion

Sales of pork exports

$2.4 billion

Sales of beef exports

19.1 kilograms

Annual per person consumption of beef

16.6 kilograms

Annual per person consumption of pork

32 kilograms

Annual per person consumption of poultry

$2.5 billion

Sales of processed meats

$409.77 million

Sales of sausages in Canada


Average annual household expenditure on meat in Canada in 2016 amounted to $1,160.

Source: Statistics Canada