UFCW Canada participates in disability advocacy events


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Toronto and Ottawa – October 6, 2018 – UFCW Canada activists recently stood in solidarity with hundreds of members of Canada’s disability community at events held in Toronto and Ottawa.

In Toronto, UFCW Canada activists took to the streets for the eighth annual Toronto Disability Pride March – joining hundreds of disability advocates and allies in a peaceful march on the grounds of the Ontario Legislature. The march brings attention to the struggles that many in the disability community live with and face daily and also serves as a celebration of the many activists and organizations who campaign for the rights of all persons living with disabilities.

In Ottawa, UFCW Canada participated in the National Business Leaders Roundtable. Hosted by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW), the event brought together leaders from a variety of sectors and government to discuss the impact of Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act in the workplace and the community.

Expected to become law in May 2019, the Accessible Canada Act is aimed at removing existing accessibility barriers for federally regulated workers in sectors such as banks and government service centres.

At the roundtable, UFCW Canada activists reaffirmed the union’s commitment to advancing equity in hiring practices as well as the removal of barriers to employment for all workers, including those living with disabilities.

UFCW Canada has a longstanding history of fighting for the rights of all workers in Canada, regardless of physical or emotional conditions. UFCW Canada stands in full solidarity with the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and allied organizations working to end discrimination and advance the human rights of all people with disability. To learn more about UFCW Canada’s advocacy for disability rights, click here.