Disability Rights in the Workplace

UFCW Canada is proud to support the work of disability advocates who seek the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society. Persons with disabilities often face many barriers in achieving full societal inclusion which can include inaccessible infrastructure and extend to workplace discrimination. Workers often face hardship with workplace accommodation, particularly when disabilities are invisible or episodic. Together with disability community activists, we fight for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities and the right to a dignified life.

Partner Organizations

UFCW Canada has built strong alliances across disability advocates including the Council of Canadians with Disabilities. Through this work the disability community celebrated the passing of Bill C-81, the Accessibility Act, that sets rigorous compliance standards at the federal level to ensure the equal participation of persons with disabilities. Our work with the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) has produced an acclaimed manual which breaks down the myths associated with disability. UFCW Canada’s HRED department has been instrumental in building bridges between community partners and UFCW Canada local unions carrying out this important work. Through the leadership of CFACQ (the Retail Food Training Centre of Quebec) disability-specific language has been incorporated into UFCW Canada collective bargaining agreements and our work to advance workplace hiring and retention practices for persons with disabilities has been strengthened.

Disability Rights Resources 

Persons with disabilities often face barriers which can include the marginalizing impact of inappropriate language. To support the use of inclusive language, UFCW Canada has published important resources that are accessible to the public online. UFCW Canada’s, Language Matters when Talking Disability resource provides the reader with appropriate alternatives to commonly used but often inappropriate language.  In addition, the UFCW Canada Disability—Mini-Glossary, produced in partnership with CCRW, outlines various disabilities. These resources have been developed with our national community partner to end the stigma around disability and ensure members feel supported by their union.