Food Banks in greater need than ever as we enter the Holiday Season

Toronto – December 14, 2012 – As we enter the Holiday Season, we face some sobering facts about hunger and poverty in Canada.

According to HUNGERCOUNT 2012, food bank usage in Canada is up a staggering 26 percent since 2008, and with each passing month 93,000 Canadians access a food bank for the first time.

In fact, without the generosity of strangers and social justice organizations, almost 900,000 Canadians – including 342,000 children – would go without food this December. 

Food banks have long helped to feed the most vulnerable members of society, but in the last few years those numbers have grown significantly, and the definition of “vulnerable” has expanded to include a growing number of employed Canadians who can’t earn enough to sustain themselves and their families.

No matter how big or small the community, there are children, adults, and even families who have no other choice to miss lunch, skip breakfast, or even go without food for days at a time.

There are many assumptions made about those who use food banks, but the truth is, the majority are hard working individuals who are simply struggling to provide for their families. In fact, the majority of food bank clients are: wage workers, adults who have recently been laid off, young adults just entering the work force, children, and senior citizens.

UFCW Canada activists, friends and supporters are encouraged to donate what they can to their local food banks. To find out more information about the food bank in your community, and what you can do to help, visit